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In the enchanting world of Kingdom Hearts, Keyblades stand as the symbol of a hero’s journey. These powerful, mystical weapons have captivated gamers and Disney enthusiasts alike. In this article, we delve into the magical realm of Keyblades, exploring the list of keyblades.

List of Keyblades

List of Keyblades

Here is a list of Keyblades from the Kingdom Hearts series:

Original Keyblades:

  • Kingdom Key
  • Oblivion
  • Oathkeeper
  • Ultima Weapon

Keyblades Associated with Sora:

  • Star Seeker
  • Way to the Dawn
  • Master Defender
  • Lionheart
  • Sweet Memories
  • Metal Chocobo
  • Divine Rose
  • Pumpkinhead
  • Sleeping Lion
  • Fenrir
  • Bond of Flame
  • Two Become One
  • Ends of the Earth
  • Kingdom Key D

Themed Keyblades:

  • All for One
  • Hero’s Origin
  • Shooting Star
  • Ever After
  • Crystal Snow
  • Happy Gear
  • Nano Gear
  • Wheel of Fate
  • Grand Chef
  • Classic Tone
  • Starlight

Transformation Keyblades:

  • Braveheart
  • Elemental Encoder
  • Sweetstack
  • Counterpoint
  • Brightcrest
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Divewing
  • Ultimate Form
  • Rage Form
  • Double Form
  • Guardian Form

Single Transformation Keyblades:

  • Shooting Star+
  • Midnight Blue
  • Phantom Green
  • Dawn Till Dusk
  • Elemental Form
  • Favorite Deputy
  • Happy Gear+
  • Crystal Snow+
  • Wheel of Fate+

Confectionery-themed Keyblades:

  • Sweetstack+
  • Counterpoint+
  • Brightcrest+
  • Sweet Dreams+

Aerial Combat Keyblades:

  • Divewing+

Double Transformation Keyblades:

  • Nano Gear+
  • Favorite Deputy+

Double Form Keyblades:

  • Hero’s Origin+
  • Crystal Snow++
  • Starlight++
  • Braveheart++
  • Nano Gear++
  • Wheel of Fate++
  • Grand Chef++
  • Classic Tone++

Multi-Transformation Keyblades:

  • Phantom Green+
  • Dawn Till Dusk+
  • Elemental Form++
  • Sweetstack++
  • Happy Gear++
  • Ever After++
  • Shooting Star++
  • Shooting Star++
  • Midnight Blue++
  • Happy Gear++
  • Shooting Star++
  • Hero’s Origin++
  • Nano Gear++
  • Grand Chef++
  • Starlight++

Keyblades Associated with Characters

  • Master Xehanort
  • Young Xehanort
  • Vanitas’s Void

Special and Limited Edition Keyblades

  • Winner’s Proof

Disney-Inspired Keyblades

  • Destiny’s Embrace
  • Treasure Trove
  • Stroke of Midnight
  • Fairy Stars
  • Circle of Life

Themes of Freedom and Liberation

  • Sweet Release
  • Unbound

Upgraded Keyblades

  • Bright Crest+
  • No Name++
  • Sweet Memories++
  • Pixie Petal+
  • Pumpkinhead+
  • Sweet Dreams++
  • Sweet Dreams+++

Special Themes and Designs:

  • Mark of a Hero
  • Guardian Bell
  • Hero’s Crest
  • Monochrome
  • Sweet Pumpkin
  • Skull Noise
  • Photon Debugger
  • Guardian Soul

Here is the explanation of each category and provide brief descriptions of the Keyblades within those categories from the Kingdom Hearts series.

List of Keyblades

Original Keyblades:

The Original Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series are pivotal to the storyline and have their unique symbolism and characteristics. Here are these Original Keyblades and their descriptions:

  • Kingdom Key: The Kingdom Key is the most iconic and recognizable Keyblade in the series, closely associated with Sora, the main protagonist. It symbolizes hope and serves as a beacon in the battle against darkness.
  • Oblivion: This Keyblade embodies Sora’s inner struggle and the challenges he faces on his journey. Its dark design and immense power reflect the complex nature of his character.
  • Oathkeeper: Symbolizing the bonds of friendship, Oathkeeper features a graceful and elegant design. It represents the deep connections and relationships that are central to the Kingdom Hearts storyline.
  • Ultima Weapon: The Ultima Weapon is often considered the most powerful Keyblade in the series. Its radiant design and immense strength make it a coveted and revered weapon among players.

Keyblades Associated with Sora:

The Keyblades Associated with Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series are closely connected to the character and his journey. Here are these Keyblades and their descriptions:

  • Star Seeker: This Keyblade is emblematic of Sora’s spirit of exploration and his adventurous journey through the different worlds.
  • Way to the Dawn: Although often used by Riku, this Keyblade reflects the growth and development of both Sora and Riku throughout the series.
  • Master Defender: A Keyblade representing strength and defence, highlighting Sora’s role as a protector of the realms he visits.
  • Lionheart: This Keyblade embodies courage and strength, symbolizing the heart of a lion within Sora.
  • Sweet Memories: With its candy-themed design, Sweet Memories is associated with Namine and reflects themes of nostalgia and memory.
  • Metal Chocobo: Taking inspiration from the iconic Chocobo creatures in the Final Fantasy series, this Keyblade combines elements of both universes.
  • Divine Rose: Known for its elegant design, the Divine Rose Keyblade boasts both style and power.
  • Pumpkinhead: A Halloween-themed Keyblade, Pumpkinhead adds a touch of spookiness to Sora’s arsenal.
  • Sleeping Lion: Symbolizing strength and valor, this Keyblade reflects Sora’s bravery and determination.
  • Fenrir: With a wolf-like design, Fenrir adds a touch of mystique and ferocity to Sora’s collection of Keyblades.
  • Bond of Flame: Signifying Sora’s connection to Axel, this Keyblade showcases the enduring bonds between characters in the series.
  • Two Become One: This Keyblade signifies the merging of Sora and Roxas, a pivotal moment in the series where their fates intertwine.
  • Ends of the Earth: Reflecting Terra’s strength and determination, this Keyblade highlights the interconnectedness of characters throughout the Kingdom Hearts storyline.
  • Kingdom Key D: An upgraded version of the original Kingdom Key, this Keyblade enhances Sora’s abilities and symbolizes his growth as a Keyblade wielder.

Themed Keyblades:

The Themed Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series are designed with inspiration from various Disney and other fictional worlds, each reflecting a unique theme. Here are the Themed Keyblades and their descriptions:

  • All for One: This Keyblade is themed after the Three Musketeers and symbolizes unity, friendship, and the spirit of teamwork.
  • Hero’s Origin: Based on Disney’s Hercules, this Keyblade embodies the heroic qualities of the titular character, symbolizing courage and strength.
  • Shooting Star: Inspired by the starry night sky, this whimsical Keyblade captures the beauty and wonder of the cosmos.
  • Ever After: Themed after Disney’s Tangled, this Keyblade features a magical and ornate design, reflecting the enchanting world of the movie.
  • Crystal Snow: Taking inspiration from Frozen, this Keyblade’s icy and elegant design is reminiscent of the film’s wintry landscape.
  • Happy Gear: Reflecting the joyful world of Monsters, Inc., this Keyblade embodies the happiness and fun found in the monster-filled universe.
  • Nano Gear: With a tech-themed design, Nano Gear is associated with the world of Big Hero 6, showcasing futuristic and innovative elements.
  • Wheel of Fate: This Keyblade is based on Pirates of the Caribbean and carries a nautical theme, featuring elements related to sailing and adventure on the high seas.
  • Grand Chef: Inspired by Ratatouille, this Keyblade captures the essence of cooking and culinary delights, reflecting the charm of the film’s gourmet world.
  • Classic Tone: A musical-themed Keyblade associated with The World Ends with You, incorporating musical motifs and elements from that unique universe.
  • Starlight: A versatile and customizable Keyblade, Starlight has a unique design that allows players to adapt it to their preferences, making it a standout choice.

Transformation Keyblades:

The Transformation Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series are known for their ability to change or transform during combat, offering unique abilities and styles to the wielder. Here are the Transformation Keyblades:

  • Braveheart: This Keyblcany to transform into different forms during battles, enhancing Sora’s combat skills and offering versatility.
  • Elemental Encoder: Similar to Braveheart, the Elemental Encoder allows for transformations that incorporate elemental powers, providing a strategic advantage in combat.
  • Sweetstack: As the name suggests, Sweetstack transforms into various confectionery-inspired weapons, adding a whimsical and creative aspect to battles.
  • Counterpoint: Counterpoint is a versatile Keyblade that can transform, adapting to different battle situations with its unique abilities and forms.
  • Brightcrest: With dynamic transformation options, Brightcrest is a powerful Keyblade that offers a range of combat styles, making it a valuable asset in battles.
  • Sweet Dreams: Sweet Dreams is another Keyblade that transforms into whimsical weapons, adding a touch of enchantment to combat.
  • Divewing: This Keyblade specializes in aerial combat, allowing for transformation into forms suitable for battling in the skies, enhancing Sora’s mobility and power.
  • Ultimate Form: Ultimate Form is a powerful transformation that boosts Sora’s abilities significantly, making it an invaluable asset in challenging battles.
  • Rage Form: This transformation is associated with Sora’s inner turmoil, granting increased power but at the cost of control and HP.
  • Double Form: As the name suggests, Double Form enables Sora to wield two Keyblades simultaneously, doubling his combat potential.
  • Guardian Form: Guardian Form is a transformation that allows Sora to call upon a protective spirit, enhancing his defensive capabilities and providing added protection in combat.

Single Transformation Keyblades:

Here are explanations for the Single Transformation Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series:

  • Shooting Star+: This Keyblade features a single transformation during battles, modifying its abilities to suit different combat scenarios. This adaptability allows Sora to face a variety of enemies effectively.
  • Midnight Blue: Midnight Blue focuses on a single transformation, adding versatility to Sora’s combat skills. It provides an enhanced combat style when triggered during battles.
  • Phantom Green: Like the others in this category, Phantom Green transforms into a new form during battles, amplifying Sora’s capabilities. This transformation brings unique combat abilities to the forefront.
  • Dawn Till Dusk: A transforming Keyblade, Dawn Till Dusk allows Sora to switch between different combat styles as needed. It offers tactical advantages based on the situation.
  • Elemental Form: Elemental Form has a single transformation that imbues Sora with elemental powers, enhancing his combat abilities strategically. It enables him to harness the elements in battle.
  • Favorite Deputy: Transforming into one distinct form, Favorite Deputy amplifies Sora’s abilities during fights. This single transformation brings unique advantages to his combat style.
  • Happy Gear+: With a single transformation, Happy Gear+ evolves into a more formidable weapon, granting Sora an upper hand in combat. This enhancement is particularly effective in challenging battles.
  • Crystal Snow+: Crystal Snow+ can change into a new form during combat, adding versatility to Sora’s combat options. This transformation provides an array of abilities suited to different situations.
  • Wheel of Fate+: Wheel of Fate+ features a single transformation that allows Sora to adapt to various battle situations effectively. This transformation optimizes his combat skills, making him more versatile in combat scenarios.

Confectionery-themed Keyblades:

Here are explanations for the Confectionery-themed Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series:

  • Sweetstack+: This Keyblade transforms into various confectionery-inspired weapons, adding a delightful and creative twist to battles. The confectionery theme brings charm and whimsy to Sora’s combat style.
  • Counterpoint+: With a primary focus on a single transformation, Counterpoint+ adapts to various combat scenarios with unique abilities. This specialization enhances Sora’s combat versatility, allowing him to handle different challenges effectively.
  • Brightcrest+: Brightcrest+ features a single transformation that dynamically enhances Sora’s combat skills. This transformation provides flexibility and adaptability in battles, making Sora a more versatile fighter.
  • Sweet Dreams+: This Keyblade offers a single transformation that incorporates whimsical weapon forms, adding charm and enchantment to combat situations. The whimsical designs create a visually engaging and magical combat experience.

Aerial Combat Keyblades:

Here’s an explanation for the Aerial Combat Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series:

  • Divewing+: Divewing+ is specialized for aerial combat, making it a perfect choice for battles in the skies. This Keyblade provides transformation options that enhance Sora’s aerial combat abilities, allowing him to engage in battles with flying enemies or navigate through airborne challenges effectively.

Double Transformation Keyblades:

Here are explanations for the Double Transformation Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series:

  • Nano Gear+: Nano Gear+ is a Double Transformation Keyblade, equipped with two distinct transformations. This duality doubles its versatility in combat, allowing Sora to switch between different weapon forms to adapt to various challenges effectively. This Keyblade is particularly versatile and can cater to different combat scenarios seamlessly.
  • Favorite Deputy+: With dual transformations, Favorite Deputy+ offers Sora the unique ability to wield various weapon forms simultaneously. This provides an advantage in combat, as Sora can employ multiple forms to handle enemies or obstacles, enhancing his combat versatility and making him a formidable force on the battlefield.

Double Form Keyblades:

Here are explanations for the Double Form Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series:

  • Hero’s Origin+: Hero’s Origin+ is a Keyblade with double transformations, allowing for unique combat styles. This Keyblade can switch between two distinct forms, offering Sora a range of strategic options in battle.
  • Crystal Snow++: Crystal Snow++ provides dual transformations, adding strategic depth to battles. These transformations enable Sora to adapt to different combat scenarios with unique abilities, enhancing his versatility.
  • Starlight++: With double transformations, Starlight++ allows Sora to adapt to different combat scenarios effectively. The two forms provide tactical advantages, making this Keyblade versatile in battle.
  • Braveheart++: Braveheart++ is renowned for its double transformations, providing a broad range of combat styles. Sora can switch between these forms, each with its own set of abilities, to suit the situation.
  • Nano Gear++: Offering two transformations, Nano Gear++ enhances Sora’s combat abilities. These transformations provide increased versatility, allowing Sora to adapt to a variety of battle challenges.
  • Wheel of Fate++: Wheel of Fate++ features dual transformations, enabling Sora to tackle various enemies effectively. Each form offers unique abilities, making this Keyblade valuable in diverse combat situations.
  • Grand Chef++: Grand Chef++ has double transformations, adding flexibility to Sora’s combat skills. These transformations offer a wide range of abilities, enhancing Sora’s adaptability in battles.
  • Classic Tone++: This Keyblade has dual transformations, adapting to different combat scenarios with musical motifs and unique abilities. Sora can choose between these forms to best suit his needs in battle, making it a versatile option.

Keyblades Associated with Characters

Here are the explanations for the Keyblades associated with specific characters in the Kingdom Hearts series:

  • Master Xehanort: This Keyblade is intrinsically linked to the character Master Xehanort, a central antagonist in the series. It embodies the dark and powerful nature of the character, reflecting his malevolent intent and mastery over the forces of darkness.
  • Young Xehanort: Young Xehanort’s Keyblade is a reflection of his role in the series. It symbolizes the complexities and enigma surrounding his character, as he plays a significant role in the intricate and time-spanning narrative of Kingdom Hearts.
  • Vanitas’s Void: Vanitas’s Keyblade, known as Vanitas’s Void, is a manifestation of his inner darkness. This unique and menacing weapon represents his dark and destructive nature, making it a formidable and fitting extension of his character in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Special and Limited Edition Keyblade

Here’s the explanation for the Special and Limited Edition Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series:

  • Winner’s Proof: Winner’s Proof is a special and limited-edition Keyblade that holds significance in the game. It serves as a symbol of extraordinary accomplishments and achievements within the game.

Disney-Inspired Keyblades

Here are the explanations for the Disney-Inspired Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series:

  • Destiny’s Embrace: Destiny’s Embrace is a Keyblade associated with Kairi, one of the main characters in the series. Its design symbolizes Kairi’s significant role and importance within the Kingdom Hearts narrative, making it a meaningful representation of her character.
  • Treasure Trove: Treasure Trove is inspired by classic adventure and treasure-hunting themes. Its design captures the essence of embarking on thrilling quests, and seeking valuable treasures, and reflects the adventurous spirit often found in Disney tales.
  • Stroke of Midnight: This Keyblade draws inspiration from the story of Cinderella. Its design evokes the enchantment and magic of a fairytale, perfectly capturing the essence of the Cinderella narrative within the Kingdom Hearts universe.
  • Fairy Stars: Fairy Stars embodies magical and mystical themes, reflecting the enchanting and otherworldly realms found in Disney’s stories. The design of this Keyblade celebrates the wondrous and fantastical elements of Disney’s magical worlds.
  • Circle of Life: Associated with the Lion King, the Circle of Life Keyblade features design elements inspired by the Pride Lands. It pays homage to the majestic and natural world depicted in Disney’s Lion King, offering a unique connection to this iconic Disney story within the Kingdom Hearts series.

Themes of Freedom and Liberation:

Here are the explanations for the Keyblades that embody themes of freedom and liberation in the Kingdom Hearts series:

  • Sweet Release: The Sweet Release Keyblade is designed to embody themes of liberation and freedom. Its visual elements and combat abilities are inspired by the idea of breaking free from constraints and finding newfound freedom.
  • Unbound: The Unbound Keyblade symbolizes freedom and liberation. Its design and combat abilities reflect the idea of being unburdened and breaking free from limitations.

Upgraded Keyblades:

Here are the explanations for the Upgraded Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series:

  • Bright Crest+: Bright Crest+ is an upgraded version of the original Bright Crest Keyblade, featuring special enhancements that make it even more formidable in combat. These enhancements improve its combat capabilities and effectiveness in battle.
  • No Name++: No Name++ is an upgraded version of Xehanort’s Keyblade, No Name. It boasts enhanced abilities, making it a more powerful and versatile weapon. This upgrade enhances its combat potential, offering players a Keyblade with even greater capabilities.
  • Sweet Memories++: Sweet Memories++ takes the original Sweet Memories Keyblade and offers enhanced transformations. These enhancements provide a wider range of powerful abilities, making it a more versatile and effective Keyblade in combat.
  • Pixie Petal+: Pixie Petal+ is an upgraded version of the Pixie Petal Keyblade. It features enhanced combat capabilities, making it a more formidable weapon in battles. These enhancements make Pixie Petal+ a valuable choice for players.
  • Pumpkinhead+: Pumpkinhead+ is an upgraded version of the Halloween-themed Pumpkinhead Keyblade. The upgrade improves its combat abilities and effectiveness, providing players with a more powerful weapon for Halloween-themed battles.
  • Sweet Dreams++: Sweet Dreams++ offers enhanced transformations and combat abilities, making it a more versatile and powerful Keyblade. These upgrades provide players with improved combat options and capabilities.
  • Sweet Dreams+++: Sweet Dreams+++ further enhances the transformations and abilities of the Sweet Dreams Keyblade. This upgrade takes the Keyblade to new heights, offering even more powerful and versatile combat options for players.

Special Themes and Designs:

Here are the explanations for the Keyblades with special themes and designs in the Kingdom Hearts series:

  • Mark of a Hero: Mark of a Hero is a Keyblade with a unique and distinctive design. It reflects hevaluesualities valouralor, symbolizing the bravery and courage often found in epic tales of heroism.
  • Guardian Bell: Guardian Bell is a Keyblade with a design that signifies protection and guardianship. It embodies the concept of safeguarding and defending, making it a symbol of protection within the Kingdom Hearts universe.
  • Hero’s Crest: This Keyblade embodies heroism and valor in both its design and abilities. It reflects the themes of bravery and courage, making it a fitting choice for players seeking to channel their inner hero.
  • Monochrome: Monochrome features a captivating black-and-white design. Its classic and artistic style adds a touch of elegance and nostalgia to the Kingdom Hearts experience, making it stand out from other Keyblades.
  • Sweet Pumpkin: Sweet Pumpkin is a confectionery-themed Keyblade with a Halloween twist. Its design combines the festive and sweet elements of Halloween, making it a playful and fitting choice for spooky-themed adventures.
  • Skull Noise: Skull Noise embodies a dark and edgy design, reflecting the mysterious and enigmatic qualities often found in the Kingdom Hearts storyline. This Keyblade adds an aura of intrigue to battles.
  • Photon Debugger: Inspired by futuristic and technological themes, Photon Debugger is a Keyblade that fits perfectly in the world of Tron. Its design captures the essence of advanced technology, making it an ideal choice for adventures in digital realms.
  • Guardian Soul: Guardian Soul represents protection and strength in both its design and abilities. It reflects the idea of being a guardian, offering players a sense of security and power in their battles.


In conclusion, Keyblades are not just weapons in a video game; they represent a journey of friendship, courage, and the battle between light and darkness. As the series evolves, so do the stories these remarkable weapons tell.


Can I obtain all Keyblades in a single playthrough?

While many Keyblades can be obtained in a single playthrough, some are exclusive to certain difficulty levels or game versions. Be prepared for multiple playthroughs to collect them all.

How do Keyblade transformations work?

Keyblade transformations are triggered during battle by accumulating Form change points. These points are earned by attacking enemies. Once enough points are gathered, the Keyblade transforms, granting new abilities.

Are Keyblades exclusive to Sora?

No, other characters like Riku and Kairi can also wield Keyblades. The series explores their journeys and the significance of multiple Keyblade wielders.

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