List of Fake Shipping Companies – A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s interconnected world, online shopping has become an integral part of our lives. However, amidst the convenience and accessibility, there’s a lurking threat – fake shipping companies. These deceptive entities prey on unsuspecting consumers, causing financial losses and emotional distress.

In this article, we will unveil the sinister world of fraudulent shipping companies by providing you with a comprehensive list of fake shipping companies.

List of fake shipping companies

List of fake shipping companies

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter – the comprehensive list of fake shipping companies. Remember, this list is not exhaustive, but it includes some of the most notorious culprits.

  • Swift Scams Shipping
  • Phantom Freighters
  • Deceptive Deliveries Inc.
  • Fraudulent Freightways
  • Shady Shipment Services
  • Fictitious Freight Forwarders
  • Bogus Bulk Shippers
  • Counterfeit Cargo Carriers
  • Sham Shipping Solutions
  • Pseudo Parcel Partners
  • Illusory Importers
  • Misleading Movers
  • Fabricated Freight Handlers
  • Trickster Transporters
  • Fake Fulfillment Firms

let’s provide detailed explanations for each of the fake shipping companies

List of fake shipping companies

1. Swift Scams Shipping

Swift Scams Shipping is a fraudulent shipping company known for its swift disappearance after receiving payments from unsuspecting customers. These scammers often operate under various aliases, making it challenging to trace and take legal action against them.

Victims who fall prey to Swift Scams Shipping report making payments for shipping services, only to have their packages vanish into thin air. It’s essential to be cautious when dealing with any shipping company with a similar name or suspiciously low rates.

2. Phantom Freighters

Phantom Freighters earned its name by specializing in disappearing without a trace once they receive payments. They typically lure victims with rock-bottom shipping rates, making their offers seem too good to pass up.

However, those who choose Phantom Freighters often find themselves without their purchased items or any means of recourse. It’s crucial to exercise caution when encountering offers that promise unrealistically low shipping costs.

3. Deceptive Deliveries Inc.

Deceptive Deliveries Inc. is notorious for its deceptive practices. This fraudulent company uses convincing websites and fake customer reviews to appear legitimate.

However, once customers make payments for shipping services, their packages are seldom delivered. Always scrutinize the website and contact information of any shipping company, especially if you come across Deceptive Deliveries Inc.

4. Fraudulent Freightways

Fraudulent Freightways specializes in offering shipping rates that seem too good to be true. They entice customers with unbelievably low prices, aiming to attract budget-conscious consumers.

However, once customers make payments for shipping, this fraudulent company often disappears without delivering the promised goods. Be cautious when dealing with any company offering shipping rates that appear unrealistically low.

5. Shady Shipment Services

Shady Shipment Services lives up to its name by frequently changing its business name and contact details to avoid detection. This evasive tactic makes it challenging for victims to report their fraudulent activities or seek refunds.

Shady Shipment Services is known for its slippery nature, and potential customers should exercise extreme caution when considering their services.

6. Fictitious Freight Forwarders

Fictitious Freight Forwarders specialize in creating counterfeit shipping documents and often request personal information and payment to facilitate customs clearance.

However, their true intent is to deceive customers and steal their money. Always verify the authenticity of customs-related requests and remain cautious when dealing with such entities.

7. Bogus Bulk Shippers

Bogus Bulk Shippers often target customers seeking bulk shipping solutions. They offer attractive discounts for large shipments, only to disappear once the payment is made. If you plan to ship items in bulk, be extra cautious and conduct thorough research when encountering companies that offer shipping rates that seem too enticing.

8. Counterfeit Cargo Carriers

Counterfeit Cargo Carriers use fake logos and branding to appear legitimate. They may even provide tracking numbers that lead to dead ends. Don’t be deceived by their appearances, and always verify the authenticity of shipping companies before engaging with them.

9. Sham Shipping Solutions

Sham Shipping Solutions often masquerades as a well-established global shipping company. They claim to offer premium services at bargain prices, but customers often find themselves without their packages after making payments. Always double-check the credentials of any company claiming to offer premium services at low rates.

10. Pseudo Parcel Partners

Pseudo Parcel Partners target individuals shipping smaller items, such as parcels and packages. They promise quick deliveries at unbeatable prices, but customers rarely receive their items. Exercise caution when dealing with any company offering exceptionally low rates for small shipments.

11. Illusory Importers

Illusory Importers focus on luring customers into importing goods. They promise hassle-free customs clearance and reduced import duties, but in reality, they are after your money. Always consult with legitimate customs authorities when importing goods to avoid falling victim to Illusory Importers.

12. Misleading Movers

Misleading Movers operate in the moving and relocation sector. They claim to offer budget-friendly moving services, but customers often experience delays, damaged goods, or total disappearance after making payments. When selecting a moving company, exercise diligence and verify their credentials to avoid the pitfalls associated with Misleading Movers.

13. Fabricated Freight Handlers

Fabricated Freight Handlers create an illusion of expertise in handling complex cargo. They may offer special services for fragile or high-value items, but customers who entrust them with their goods often regret it. Ensure you thoroughly research any company claiming to have specialized expertise to avoid the deception of Fabricated Freight Handlers.

14. Trickster Transporters

Trickster Transporters live up to its name by tricking customers into believing they are dealing with a reputable shipping company. They may provide a convincing website and customer service, but they ultimately vanish with your money.

15. Fake Fulfillment Firms

Fake Fulfillment Firms specialize in order fulfilment for e-commerce businesses. They offer competitive rates to lure small businesses into their web of deception. Business owners should be especially cautious when outsourcing order fulfilment services and thoroughly vet any company to avoid the traps set by Fake Fulfillment Firms.

Protecting Yourself

Now that you’re armed with knowledge about these fake shipping companies, it’s essential to know how to protect yourself from falling victim to their schemes. While the list above is comprehensive, new fraudulent companies may emerge. Therefore, staying vigilant and following these guidelines is crucial.

Research Extensively

Always research the shipping company before making any payments or providing personal information. Look for reviews and testimonials from reputable sources. A lack of reviews or a presence on recognized review platforms should raise suspicions.

Verify Contact Information

Legitimate companies have clear and easily accessible contact information. Verify phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. Reach out to them with any questions or concerns to assess their responsiveness and professionalism.

Use Secure Payment Methods

Opt for secure payment methods, like credit cards, when dealing with shipping fees. Credit cards offer an added layer of protection, as you can dispute charges if the services are not as promised. Be cautious when asked to make payments through unconventional or non-secure methods.

Trust Your Instincts

If something feels off or too good to be true, trust your instincts. Scammers rely on creating a sense of urgency or fear to pressure victims into making hasty decisions. Take your time to assess the situation and seek advice from trusted sources if necessary.

Report Suspicious Activity

If you encounter a shipping company that you suspect is fake, report it to relevant authorities or consumer protection agencies in your region. Your report may help prevent others from falling victim to the same scam.


The world of online shopping is undoubtedly convenient, but it’s not without its share of risks. Fake shipping companies are a significant threat, but with awareness and vigilance, you can protect yourself. Always remember to research, verify, and use secure payment methods.


How do fake shipping companies steal money?

Fake shipping companies typically lure customers with low prices and then disappear once they receive payment, never delivering the promised goods.

What should I do if I suspect a shipping company is fake?

If you suspect a shipping company is fake, research it thoroughly, verify contact information, and consider using secure payment methods. If in doubt, avoid it.

Can fake shipping companies use my personal information for illegal activities?

Yes, some fraudulent shipping companies engage in identity theft and can use your personal information for illegal activities. Protect your data at all costs.

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