Unmasking Biden’s List of Lies

In the world of politics, it’s not uncommon for leaders to make grand promises and statements, but not all of these claims hold up to scrutiny. President Joe Biden, like many of his predecessors, has made statements that have raised eyebrows and prompted fact-checking. This article delves into a list of Biden lies.

Understanding Political Claims

In the world of politics, it’s not uncommon for politicians to make bold claims and promises to win the trust of the public. However, not all these promises come to fruition, and some may even be regarded as lies. It’s crucial to critically analyze these statements to separate fact from fiction.

List of Biden Lies

List of Biden Lies

here’s a list of claims made by President Joe Biden that have been criticized or fact-checked:

  • Healthcare Promises
  • Immigration Policies
  • Economic Promises
  • Gun Control
  • Climate Change Commitments
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Goals
  • Afghanistan Withdrawal Timeline
  • Promise to End Child Detention
  • Tax Policy Statements
  • Student Loan Forgiveness
  • Criminal Justice Reforms
  • Job Creation Claims
  • Infrastructure Investment Pledges
  • Promises on Bipartisanship
  • Police Reform Commitments
  • Pledge to Double Minimum Wage
  • Green New Deal Support
  • Promise to Rejoin WHO
  • Claim on Ending “Forever Wars”
  • Statements on Racial Equity

Certainly, here’s a more detailed explanation of each of the claims made by President Joe Biden that have faced scrutiny or criticism:

Healthcare Promises:

President Biden made significant healthcare promises during his campaign. He pledged to expand and improve healthcare, emphasizing access and affordability. His campaign platform included a commitment to build upon the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and make healthcare more accessible to Americans.

Critics and experts are assessing the implementation of these promises. They are closely monitoring whether there have been any meaningful changes in health insurance costs for Americans and to what extent healthcare access has expanded.

Immigration Policies:

The Biden administration’s approach to immigration, especially concerning the U.S.-Mexico border, has faced considerable scrutiny. Critics argue that the administration’s handling of various aspects of immigration, including border security, deportation policies, and asylum-seeking, has not aligned with the campaign rhetoric.

However, there have been concerns regarding the surge in border crossings and the conditions at detention facilities. Critics argue that the policies and their outcomes do not reflect the commitment to a more humane immigration system.

Economic Promises:

The administration promised to stimulate economic growth and job creation, with a particular focus on infrastructure spending. During the campaign, President Biden pledged substantial investments in infrastructure, clean energy, and technology to bolster economic growth.

Critics and experts closely monitor whether the job growth and economic expansion align with the ambitious campaign promises. They examine a range of economic indicators, including employment data, GDP growth, and infrastructure project progress.

Gun Control:

Biden advocated for stricter gun control measures, which included expanded background checks and a ban on assault weapons. The administration’s approach to implementing these measures is a subject of scrutiny. Critics analyze whether these measures have been effectively enacted and whether they have had the intended impact on curbing gun violence.

Climate Change Commitments:

During his campaign, President Biden made climate change a central theme, pledging to rejoin the Paris Agreement and actively pursue clean energy initiatives. Critics and experts closely evaluate the actions taken by the administration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

COVID-19 Vaccination Goals:

The administration set ambitious vaccination targets to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. These goals included widespread vaccine distribution and achieving herd immunity. Critics and experts assess the success of the vaccine rollout, taking into account factors such as vaccine availability, distribution efficiency, and public willingness to get vaccinated.

Afghanistan Withdrawal Timeline:

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a subject of intense controversy. Critics have raised questions about the timeline and the subsequent security and humanitarian situation in the region. The timeline for the withdrawal, initiated by the Biden administration, has been criticized for its rapid nature.

Promise to End Child Detention:

President Biden promised to end the detention of migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border, addressing a significant concern related to immigration policies. However, critics argue that, despite policy changes, child detention at the border has not been fully resolved.

Tax Policy Statements:

The administration proposed tax policy changes, including corporate tax rate hikes, as part of its broader economic agenda. Analysts and experts are assessing the economic impact of these proposed policies, including their effect on government revenue, economic growth, and income distribution.

Student Loan Forgiveness:

President Biden’s campaign promises included addressing the issue of student loan debt. Critics and experts evaluate the administration’s approach to student loan forgiveness, examining factors such as the extent of relief provided, eligibility criteria for borrowers, and the potential economic impact of such policies.

Criminal Justice Reforms:

Biden pledged to reform the criminal justice system, with a specific focus on police reform. Critics assess the effectiveness of legislative efforts aimed at reforming policing practices and accountability. They closely monitor the impact of these reforms on issues like police use of force, racial disparities in the criminal justice system, and community-police relations.

Job Creation Claims:

The administration promised to create jobs, particularly through extensive infrastructure investments and other economic initiatives. Critics and economists closely monitor job growth data, including employment figures and industries affected.

Infrastructure Investment Pledges:

President Biden proposed significant infrastructure spending to address the country’s ageing infrastructure and promote economic growth. Critics scrutinize the scale of these investments, the allocation of funds, and their effectiveness in improving critical infrastructure elements like transportation, broadband access, and energy systems.

Promises on Bipartisanship:

The administration claimed to work across party lines and foster bipartisanship in a highly polarized political environment. Critics and political observers assess the level of cooperation and bipartisanship achieved. This evaluation includes examining legislative efforts and the extent to which policies have garnered support from members of both major political parties.

Police Reform Commitments:

Addressing police reform and accountability was a central campaign promise. Observers, including activists and civil rights organizations, assess the impact of legislative efforts on policing practices and transparency. The evaluation involves monitoring changes in police procedures, and use of force policies.

Pledge to Double Minimum Wage:

Increasing the federal minimum wage was a prominent promise, to improve the financial well-being of low-wage workers. Critics and economists analyze whether any substantial increase in the federal minimum wage has been realized. This assessment examines changes in minimum wage rates, their impact on workers’ income, and any effects on employment and small businesses.

Green New Deal Support:

The administration’s support for environmental policies akin to the Green New Deal has been a contentious topic. Critics evaluate the extent to which these policies have been pursued and their impact on reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change.

Promise to Rejoin WHO:

Rejoining the World Health Organization (WHO) was a key foreign policy commitment, particularly in the context of global health. Observers assess the implications and actions related to this decision, such as the resumption of funding for WHO, and participation in international health initiatives.

Claim on Ending “Forever Wars”:

President Biden emphasized ending U.S. military involvement in what are often referred to as “forever wars.” Critics and foreign policy experts closely analyze the administration’s actions and decisions in the context of international conflicts and ongoing U.S. military engagements.

Statements on Racial Equity:

The administration promised to address racial equity in various aspects of American life, including healthcare, criminal justice, and other areas. Critics, civil rights organizations, and racial equity advocates assess the effectiveness of policies aimed at reducing racial disparities.


In conclusion, the assessment of President Biden’s statements and promises is a complex task. While he, like any other political leader, has made statements that have been subject to fact-checking, it is essential to consider the broader context of his presidency.


Has President Biden made more false statements than previous presidents?

The frequency of false statements made by presidents varies, and it’s a matter of ongoing debate among political analysts. It’s essential to consider the context and impact of these statements.

How do fact-checkers verify the accuracy of political statements?

Fact-checkers use various methods, including consulting experts, examining evidence, and assessing context to determine the accuracy of political statements.

Are all of President Biden’s statements false?

Not all of President Biden’s statements are false. Like any other political leader, he has made both accurate and inaccurate statements.

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